February 2018

Image capturing

You can capture or save any 3D view, chart or table using the ‘Clip’ or ‘File’ options at the top-right of the mXrap window. There are additional image capturing controls available to increase the quality and to adjust what is captured in the image. For capturing charts for example, you can turn on/off the header/footer,

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Why are the event magnitudes different in mXrap?

People often notice that the local magnitude of an event in mXrap is different from the magnitude shown in their other seismic software. This is usually because the local magnitude equations do not match. Local magnitude is a calculated (derived) parameter. Normally its either based on seismic energy, moment/potency, or a combination of both. You

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By now most of you have probably heard of mXsync. It has been installed at all the current sponsor sites and we did explain briefly as we went but there might still be some uncertainty about it. mXsync is a piece of software installed separately to mXrap that facilitates the backup, restore and upgrading of

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