By now most of you have probably heard of mXsync. It has been installed at all the current sponsor sites and we did explain briefly as we went but there might still be some uncertainty about it.

mXsync is a piece of software installed separately to mXrap that facilitates the backup, restore and upgrading of the site root folder. We hope this new root folder management system will allow new and improved apps to flow more easily and more quickly to sites.

Right now we would like at least one person at each site to get to the point where they have mXsync set up on their computer and they are familiar with how to perform a backup. We’ve uploaded a video that gives a quick intro into mXsync and how to do a default backup. There are a few other videos on mXsync that show you some more operations that sites may need to do at some point.

For a few more details on mXsync, and some things that might be of importance for IT, please refer to the About mXsync page.

Please contact us at our support email address. if you have any problems.