mXrap Version 6 – User Change Logs

We’re pleased to announce the release of mXrap version 6, bringing with it a range of enhancements to elevate your mXrap experience. This major update includes improvements to the user interface, as well as enhancements to speed when loading the root folder and applications. Additionally, we’ve upgraded the 3D rendering and navigation capabilities in the 3D views.

However, it’s important to note that older root folders may not function properly in version 6 due to incompatibilities. Therefore, it’s crucial that all root folders and apps are upgraded and checked to ensure they work correctly before transitioning. If you haven’t received communication about this upgrade yet, expect an email in the coming weeks with instructions on how to complete the process.

Please be aware that mXrap version 5 is scheduled to cease functioning in May 2024. Your cooperation during this transition period is greatly appreciated and will help facilitate a smooth migration to the new version.

When you transition to version 6, you’ll need to rebuild your event survey caches. If you require assistance with this or encounter any other issues, please don’t hesitate to contact us at our support email address.

For a comprehensive list of changes, please refer to the user change log here: mXrap Version 6.0.0 User Change Log

New: Tilt View and automatic grid

For developers actively working on applications within mXrap, additional information can be found here: mXrap Version 6.0.0 Developer Change Logs

We’re excited about the possibilities that version 6 brings and look forward to your continued support and feedback.