New Monitoring/Control Room App

We previously created a Basic Seismic Monitoring app but it didn’t get widely used. We’ve taken another swing at a new version released late in 2017.

The new app is intended for mine control room operators to monitor the latest seismicity and communicate event alerts and exclusion areas depending on site specific rules. Each site can set up their own event alert and exclusion settings in the Basic Seismic Monitoring (Admin) application and then the main application is a simplified interface for the viewer.

Key features include:

  • Automatic events updating (no need to keep pressing “Reload Data”!).
  • Popup event alert notifications (to alert user when window is hidden/minimised).
  • Popup system alert notifications (triggered from threshold time without new events).
  • Plot exclusion areas and isolate single mine areas (e.g. single level plans).
  • Automatic View – quick zoom/rotate to the exclusion areas on screen.
  • Distance measurement – get the distance from any survey point to the nearest event alert.

There are two videos uploaded at the page below; one to show you how to do the initial setup in the Admin window and another for the basic user in the main monitoring window. If your root looks different to the video, you might need a root update. The process is quick! Just contact support.

We are also working on a few more features for the app and will hopefully release another update soon in 2018. Additions should include:

  • 3D text from DXFs.
  • Non-spherical exclusions (cylinder or box).
  • Alternate event marker style.
  • Improved data reload speed.
  • Popup event query window (for source parameters).
  • Enable/disable auto-clipping.
  • Event comments included in the table.

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to email our support email address.