mXrap Version 6 – Developer Change Logs

mXrap version 5 will stop working in May.

We will be transitioning everyone to mXrap version 6 before then. As old root folders may not work in version 6 due to incompatibilities, all root folders and apps must be checked to ensure they work in version 6. To avoid any downtime for our users and developers, please check that all root folders are upgraded.

For developers who are working on roots that are compatible with version 6, you can find the list of changes from the links provided below.
The notable changes that would effect development includes the change in scope for Table Calcs and data structure changes (octal literals, null locations, etc.). These changes mean that some Table Calcs or Row Calcs may break. Please read the change logs on how to address this.

Changes for users:

How to migrate your stuff to v6:

Changes for app developers: 

If you are still using version 5, please install version 6 from our website.
If you have any issues with version 6, please re-install version 5 from our website and contact support to resolve the issue.

Please note that if you are working on version 6 and your root is not working, then the root will required a root upgrade.