Chart Tips – View Controls

Charts usually auto-adjust their ranges to the input data. This is often what you want, but occasionally it does make it harder to compare charts with different filters applied. A handy tip is to enable the “Zoom and Pan” option in the top-left. This disables the auto-zoom and pan so then if you change the filter, you can compare the two charts. An example below is the FM chart for all events, compared with the events for just the last month. Enabling the Zoom and Pan means the axes remain the same for both charts.

You can also zoom and pan to a different area. Remember if you scroll the mouse in the chart itself, it zooms both axes together. You can zoom a single axis independently by scrolling on the axis label area.

Image Capturing

You can capture or save any 3D view, chart or table using the “Clip” or “File” options at the top-right of the mXrap window. There are additional image capturing controls available to increase the quality and to adjust what is captured in the image. For capturing charts for example, you can turn on/off the header/footer, axis titles, axis ticks or grid lines. In table views, you can capture as an image or csv file, all rows or selected, with or without column headers. High quality images can be really handy for reports, papers or website publishing.


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