Event tags and comments

There are many reasons you might want to store a short snippet of text associated with an event. There are two ways to do this in mXrap; event tags and event comments.

Event tags can be used to group events into categories. Example tags might be ‘suspected blast’, ‘damage occurred’, ‘suspect location’, ‘outlier’ or ‘likely crusher noise’. These tags can be used in event filters to quickly show or hide particular categories.

Event comments are a second option to assign user text to events. Each event comment can be unique and about anything. They have no effect on event filters.

You can watch videos on ‘Event tags’ and ‘Event comments’”. Both event tags and comments are shown in the main events table in General Analysis.

The event tags system has been modified recently. If your mXrap looks different to the video, you might need a root update. This process is now quick and easy with mXsync. We just need 5-10 minutes to connect via TeamViewer/Webex/GoTo Meeting.

Contact our support email address for assistance.