mXrap Apps

mXrap is a geotechnical analysis software platform in which apps can be developed. The ACG team and some of our users develop their own apps.

The apps available in mXrap can be broadly summarised under the following areas of interest:

Mining Induced Seismicity
Tools for analysing and interpreting mining-induced seismicity, as well as managing seismic hazards.
Stope Reconciliation and Prediction
For quick and easy reconciliation of mined surveys and design shapes. Uses machine learning to predict stope geometry and performance
Rock Mass Data Analyser
Allows users to input various geotechnical data, which aids in building a detailed database that includes borehole and mapping information.
Inspections and Data Entry
A data entry application designed for offline use on tablet devices, customisable to meet the specific needs of each site.
Instrumentation Apps
Tools for importing and evaluating various formats of extensometer and in situ stress data.
Caving Suite
Integrates various cave monitoring methods to provide users with a comprehensive understanding of the activities within their cave mine.
Numerical Modelling Integration
Facilitates the creation of clean mine geometry models using a regular grid pattern.
Damage Mapping
Enables users to damage map their underground excavations using a tablet device while offline.
Surface Monitoring
Tools for importing and evaluating prism data, commonly utilised for tracking ground movements.
Paste App
Designed to assist engineers in calculating paste fill volumes and bund capacities, among other tasks.
A suite developed to simplify our lives and those of other users, serving as reusable components in various applications.

The following research projects are using mXrap as a technology transfer tool and apps will be developed under the research project for both internal use and for transferring the research outcomes to sponsor sites as useful software:

Many of these apps have been developed over several years, with a number of them having roots in the ACG’s Mine Seismicity and Rockburst Risk Management project.

If you’d like any information about any of the above apps, please email us.