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Export Panel for 3D Views, Charts and Tables

3 April 2024

The export panel, located on the right-hand side of 3D views, charts and tables, can be used to generate images, files, and videos with just a couple of clicks. This panel is particularly useful for preparing presentations and papers that require figures with specific dimensions or font sizes. Use the ‘Export dims:’ functions to create […]

mXrap Version 6 – User Change Logs

7 March 2024

We’re pleased to announce the release of mXrap version 6, bringing with it a range of enhancements to elevate your mXrap experience. This major update includes improvements to the user interface, as well as enhancements to speed when loading the root folder and applications. Additionally, we’ve upgraded the 3D rendering and navigation capabilities in the […]

mXrap Version 6 – Developer Change Logs

22 February 2024

mXrap version 5 will stop working in May. We will be transitioning everyone to mXrap version 6 before then. As old root folders may not work in version 6 due to incompatibilities, all root folders and apps must be checked to ensure they work in version 6. To avoid any downtime for our users and […]