During the course of our work, some apps are developed simply as utilities to make our and other users’ lives easier and to form the components for re-use in other apps.

These apps are also available to the mXrap consortium members.

Plane Grid Generator

This app was developed for the purpose of easily generating cutting planes for displaying calculation results from other software and within mXrap apps. Survey files (dxf, dtm) or Map3D (inp) files are used as input geometry to the app. A user specified plane is descritised onto square elements with different sizes according to a user specified grading to generate smaller elements closer to excavation boundaries. The algorithm detects which element vertices are inside or outside excavations. The plane can be exported in different formats to be used in other software or other mXrap apps, for example the Elastic Superposition app.


Status: Beta

Principal author: Chun Wei Ho

Contributing authors: Paul Harris, Johan Wesseloo

Development support: Initially developed under Ground Support Systems Optimisation, Phase 1

Ho, CW, Harris, PC & Wesseloo, J 2017, mXrap software app, Plane Grid Generator, version 1. Perth, Australian Centre for Geomechanics, Perth, www.mXrap.com

Survey format converter


The app imports 3D geometries from dxf, dtm, str, pnt and inp format and provides options to export the geometries in dtm, str and pnt format. Surveys can also be cut into smaller sections via a 3D selection.


Principal authors: Chun Wei Ho

Contributing authors: Paul Harris, Matthew Heinsen Egan, Johan Wesseloo, Daniel Cumming-Potvin

Ho, C.W., Harris, P.C., Heinsen Egan, M. (2017) mXrap software app, Survey Format Converter, version 1. Perth, Western Australia: The Australian Centre for Geomechanics, The University of Western Australia. mXrap.com

If you’d like further information on the above apps, please email us.