Inspections and data entry app

We are excited to announce our new inspections and data entry app. This app is a general purpose data entry app designed for offline use with tablet devices which can be customised to fit each site’s exact needs.The app allows simple and fast input of multiple data types (selection, text, numerical inputs, orientation etc.) as well as attaching photos and sketches to reports. Inputs can be grouped into sections, or into different pages for easier use. The location of inspections can be georeferenced using the mineplans and a polyline system to show where the inspection was done. Data can also be attached to this polyline, to indicate different data in different areas. An example of this is rock mass characterisation mapping, where different sections of drive can be assigned values. The app also allows you to view the data from previous reports. This view can also be saved as a PDF file to use as a report that can be given to management etc. The desktop mXrap side of the app is also completely customisable, and the mXrap team can help you to build exactly what you want to achieve the analysis you need to do. Tables with inspections registers, charts for monthly reports, 3D views to show the underground locations of inspections and even automatically generated reports. Uses of the app so far include:– General underground inspections– Quality Assurance/Quality Control inspection– Rock mass Characterisation mapping– Open Pit Inspections– Pastefill UCS Testing If you want more information or are interested in trying in the app, please get in contact with the mXrap team via

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