Filter volumes library changes

We have recently updated the JavaScript library mxjs/base/algorithms/filter_volumeset.js to be more efficient. If you are using this library and call the flag_members() method of volume sets directly, then you will need to update your code slightly. If you don’t call flag_members() directly then you’ll automatically get the efficiency updates when you upgrade without needing to do anything, and you can stop reading now 🙂

Previously code would create a finder object from the mxjs/base/algorithms/find_neighbours_3d.js library like so:

const VolumeSets ='mxjs/base/algorithms/filter_volumeset.js');
const Finder ='mxjs/base/algorithms/find_neighbours_3d.js');
const finder = new Finder(Blasts.size(), Blasts.read_Location);

And then pass it to the flag_members() method:

volume_set.flag_members(flags, is_ticked, Blasts.read_Location, finder, null);

With the updated library you should remove find_neighbours_3d.js and instead create a finder object like so:

const VolumeSets ='mxjs/base/algorithms/filter_volumeset.js');
const finder = VolumeSets.create_finder(Blasts.read_Location, 0, Blasts.size());

And then pass this finder object to flag_members() in the same way as above. For the moment the old style is deprecated but will continue to work, so your code will not break, but in the future we will remove support for the old style. If you have any questions about the change, please get in touch with us at