mXrap Training Videos!

If you want to learn more about mXrap, we don’t have a user manual to read. Who would want to read through one of those! We have been writing ‘cheat sheets’ to show new users the main features of mXrap.

We’re still going to try and keep the Cheat Sheets updated, but we are going to focus more on our new training videos platform!

This is where we will post short tutorial videos to show and tell all the features of mXrap. Things like modifying clipping volumes, calculating hazards, using the gridding app will all be included. In time we will add more FAQ content and even some more advanced training material for those who want to play around with the guts of mXrap.

There is a link to the training videos from the website, look for the training tab. This is the direct address:

The training videos are password protected. Ping us a quick email at our support email address and we’ll send you the password. Please don’t share the training videos outside of the mXrap sponsor network.