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updates to large event analysis
mXrap User Case Studies for Mines Seminar


This event is designed to allow mXrap users to share (through presented case studies) their experience of using mXrap and the problems they have been able to address using the software package.  


Montreal, QC, Canada
23 September 2024
08:00 - 12:00 EDT
Deep Mining Logo Square
Deep Mining 2024


Deep Mining 2024 is an international conference which provides a forum for industry and academia to come together and share research, experience and knowledge on best practice in the area of deep and high stress underground mining.


Montreal, QC, Canada
24-26 September 2024
All Day
Underground_small for web
Geotechnical Design for Underground Metalliferous Mines Course

This course is designed to develop specific underground metalliferous mining geomechanics design competencies for engineers to enhance their contribution to mine site geomechanics programs.


Perth, WA
5-9 May 2025
08:30 - 12:30 AWST

mXrap blog

By now most of you have probably heard of mXsync. It has been installed at all the current sponsor sites and we did explain briefly as we went but there might still be some uncertainty about it. mXsync is a piece of software installed separately to mXrap that facilitates the backup, restore and upgrading of the site root folder. We hope this new root folder management system will allow new and improved apps to flow more easily and more quickly to sites. Right now we would like at least one person...
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Why can't I see this event in mXrap?
There are a number of quality filters applied to the event database before they are displayed in mXrap. This does sometimes cause confusion because a particular event is visible in your other software, but not in mXrap. The most common cause is the location filter but there may be other reasons. Have a look at the “Event quality settings” video. It goes through all the quality filters applied at your site and how to change them. In the General Analysis app you can use the following tables to help...
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How do I change my event magnitude marker?
The default event local magnitude marker might not suit everyone. After all, a ML+1.0 might mean something completely different to you compared with the site next door. The “Change event marker style” video will run you through how to make a site specific event marker. There are a couple of other marker styles you can adjust too 🙂 If the video isn’t clear, please contact our support email address..
New monitoring control room app
New Monitoring/Control Room App
We previously created a Basic Seismic Monitoring app but it didn’t get widely used. We’ve taken another swing at a new version released late in 2017. The new app is intended for mine control room operators to monitor the latest seismicity and communicate event alerts and exclusion areas depending on site specific rules. Each site can set up their own event alert and exclusion settings in the Basic Seismic Monitoring (Admin) application and then the main application is a simplified interface for the...
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Seismicity Versus Distance to Surveys - New Charts in General Analysis
The distance to survey filter has been around for a while but now we have added a couple of new charts to further investigate the relationship between seismicity and your input surveys. The charts have been added to the General Analysis application, under the Charts menu – look for Distance to Surveys. There is a training video to explain a few things about the charts, find it here. The example below shows how you can compare your seismicity around your geological structures. Of course, sometimes...
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mXrap Training Videos!
If you want to learn more about mXrap, we don’t have a user manual to read. Who would want to read through one of those! We have been writing ‘cheat sheets’ to show new users the main features of mXrap. We’re still going to try and keep the Cheat Sheets updated, but we are going to focus more on our new training videos platform! This is where we will post short tutorial videos to show and tell all the features of mXrap. Things like modifying clipping volumes, calculating hazards,...
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