Updates to the Grid Based Analysis app

There are a number of updates to the Grid Based Analysis app. The first is the ability to use multiple planes for analysis instead of just a single plane.

You can also now choose up to two dynamically generated planes, instead of just the saved planes.

There is a new chart called ‘grid results distribution’ which gives both a histogram and cumulative distribution of the grid results so you can dig further into your results.

The last is a streamlining of the ‘advanced’ features. This makes it easier to compare different parameters in both the long and short term, using the grid and isosurfaces. Users can set a longer term and shorter term time period to identify areas of interest where seismicity in the short term differs from the longer term ‘norm’ for the mine. Using the transparency function on the grid can help to highlight these areas of interest.

If you can’t see these options in your mXrap, you may need an upgrade to your root folder – contact us at our support email address.