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Grid Based Analysis Parameters

Grid Based Analysis Parameters

The Grid Based Analysis application can be used to evaluate the spatial distribution of various seismic parameters. There are a range of source parameter options available, and they can give indications to the rock mass behaviour. Some parameters can be considered as...

Updates to Hazard Assessment App

Updates to Hazard Assessment App

A few new features have been added to the Hazard Assessment application, aiming to improve usability, understanding and investigation. The first addition is a chart in the Hazard Setup window to indicate the current date range settings. Usually the date range for...

Deswik Survey Support

The mXrap survey import tool now supports files saved in Deswik's VDCL and DCF formats. There is also preliminary support for the Deswik Unified File format (DUF), but currently only for DUFv1. We recommend either VDCL or DCF as the most reliable formats for use with...

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mXrap Tips and Tricks webinar

The mXrap team invites you to the Tips and Tricks webinar. We will be showing you various little hints and insights into how to use mXrap more effectively. The webinar will be hosted in two sessions: 8:30am AWST and 8:30 pm AWST on Tuesday, 7 December 2021.
The reason for having two sessions is to cover attendees from all time zones. The sessions will cover the same material so there is no need to attend both.
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What is mXrap?

mXrap is a geotechnical data analysis and monitoring platform within which data analysis tools have been developed. mXrap (and its predecessor, MSRAP) was developed under the ACG’s Mine Seismicity and Rockburst Risk Management project. As part of this project the software served the purpose of a technology transfer tool to bring the project outcomes to the sponsor sites. The software design and capabilities, however, created the opportunity to extend its use outside the field of mining induced seismicity from which it originated. Since February 2015, the development of mXrap is separated from the ACG’s research project and the further development is sponsored by the mXrap Consortium. The software mXrap provides the development environment (platform) within which Apps dedicated at specific tasks are developed. The ACG team has, under the Mine Seismicity and Rockburst Risk Management project, developed several tools for the monitoring, analysis and management of mining induced seismicity. Apps are now also developed for wider application and users may build and share their own Apps.

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