Installing mXrap after replacing ESG server

How do I switch from ESG’s MS Access database to MS SQL Server?

Have a look here.

Installing mXrap after replacing your ESG server

Step 1: Where is the root located?

  • If it was on the old ESG server, we need to move it to the new ESG server.
  • If it is on a corporate network drive, we need to ensure that the ESG server can access that network share so it can write files to the #Events folder.

Step 2: Does the new server have the complete database?

Sometimes ESG starts again with a blank seismic.mdb, which means you lose all your seismic history.
If this is the case, we need to do some things to keep that history. Let us know and we will expand on this topic.

Step 3: Install ESG Export program on the ESG (processing) server

Install from here:
There is a username and password required to access the downloads page. Contact if you don’t know it.

Step 4: Run ESG Export program

Run it via the Start menu. It will be in the Start Up group (so it automatically starts when the computer logs in), and in its own folder.

Step 5: Open ESG Export program

Click the little X icon down near the clock (in the system-tray / notification area), its window will pop up.

Step 6: Set up ESG Export program

  • Use the menu bar to set the location of the new seismic.mdb database file.
  • Use the menu bar to set the location of the “#Events Import ESG” folder, which is found in the site’s mXrap root folder.