Install the “mXrap Export ESG” program (usually on the ESG processing server, but this is not necessary – install on a computer that is running all the time).

Once installed, find it in the Start menu and run the program.

It will appear as a little X in the “notification area” (bottom right near the clock on the screen).


To set up the mXrap Export ESG program, you need to know the SQL Server address,

the username,

the password,

and the database name.


To find these out, you open ESG’s WaveVis, File menu -> Data Source

Make the window slightly wider, and you’ll see something like this:


The key line is the Data Source File / Server Database line:


The SUD-SERVER-SQL\SQLEXPRESS is the “SQL Server” address.

The “Csomething” is the “Database Name”

Now go to the mXrap ESG Exporter,


Choose “Import from MS SQL Server”

And then fill in like this:


After filling in the server and user/pass, click “Scan Server”.

If the password is right, then you’ll get a list which you can choose from.

Note that the password may not be the same as the computer’s login password.

If you don’t know this password, ask the site IT people (the SQL Server is typically provided by and owned by the site, not ESG).

ESG may know the password, so you could also try asking them.

Click OK and you are good to go.