Deswik survey support

The mXrap survey import tool now supports files saved in Deswik’s VDCL and DCF formats. There is also preliminary support for the Deswik Unified File format (DUF), but currently only for DUFv1. We recommend either VDCL or DCF as the most reliable formats for use with current versions of mXrap. If you’re currently exporting surveys to DXF for use with mXrap, either VDCL or DCF should provide a significant saving in terms of disk space and be faster to load into mXrap’s survey cache. As with DXF, the survey import tool will load 3D faces, lines, and text from the Deswik files. In addition it will also load custom attributes, e.g. user-specified dates, text, or numbers that are attached to objects within the survey file. The survey import tool updates are available from mXrap version 5.10.9 onwards, but please update to version 5.10.12 if you have not already. If you have a VDCL or DCF file that does not import correctly, or you run into other trouble with the survey import tool, get in touch with us at our support email address.

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