Advanced Training (App Building)

If you are looking to develop your skills in mXrap further, we have uploaded some advanced training material to show you how to build your own apps.

We encourage you to go through the videos on this page before starting with the tutorials below. They are a gateway of sorts between the normal mXrap user working with the main app interface and the advanced developers building their own apps.

To go through the advanced tutorials below, you will need to download the root_AdvancedTraining demo root and unzip it somewhere on your computer. When you open up mXrap, switch to this root to work in.


Rock Properties App

The first tutorial will show you how to build an app to look at a sample dataset of rock properties. You will make charts to investigate the rock mass character of different lithologies.

You will get an introduction to:

  • Import CSV tool
  • Variables
  • Tick Tables
  • Accumulations
  • Distinct Tables
  • Row Calculations
  • Table Maps
  • App and Window Interface Tools 


There are a couple of versions of the tutorial. You can either go through the Cheat Sheets (pdf) or the Video Snippets (pptx). The cheat sheets are a full written step-by-step guide but you can also view each step in short video snippets.


Map3D App

The second tutorial is a little more advanced than the first. It will show you how to import data from Map3D and link mining steps with your event filter. Additional tools are introduced beyond the first tutorial including:

  • Survey generation
  • Aliases
  • Table Calculations
  • Range and Composite Filters
  • 3D isosurfaces

Download the Cheat Sheets (pdf) to get started on this tutorial. For those still looking for more of a challenge, there are additional extension exercises at the end of the Map3D cheat sheets. Keep in mind the Map3D tutorial was made in a slightly older version of mXrap so some details might be a bit different on your version.