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Wibu/Codemeter Drivers

The software Hardlock key that we use is the Wibu Key or the Codemeter key from Wibu Systems.


Wibu key


Codemeter key






if you are using a Wibu key, please download and install the wibu driver as follows.


If you are using a Codemeter key, please download and install both the wibu and Codemeter drivers. 


Download these drivers from here.


We use Teamviewer for remote access and are currently using version 10.
To enable us to connect to you, you would need to install the full version of teamviewer or simply run the QuickSupport version.

 Visit the Teamviewer Website for more information.

Dxf/DWG file conversion

Open Design Alliance software Teigha® File Converter is extremely useful in converting between different versions of *.dxf and *.dwg .