Removing a licence from another user

Step 1: Open the Codemeter Control Centre from your system tray.

Step 2: Click the WebAdmin button

Step 3: Your web browser should open to the CodeMeter WebAdmin page (you may get a message saying the website is not secure, proceed to the page). Ensure you are connected to the server which your silver codemeter dongle is plugged into, by clicking the server on the bottom left and selecting the correct one, then clicking Apply.

Step 4: Switch to write access by clicking the R button in the top right. You may need to put in a password to get write access. If you cannot change to write, you may need to set up your server for write access.

Step 5: Go to License Monitoring -> Sessions. This will allow you to see who has a session open. Click on the client that you want to remove.

Step 5: This will open the License Monitoring details page. From here you can see how many licenses you have total, and how many you have total.

You can see who is using the licences on the left and you can remove them by clicking the trash can icon on the right, and clicking OK when the dialog box appears