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What are Bundles?

13 April 2023/

Bundles are a form of protection which we use to limit access to specific parts of mXrap applications. One of…

Marker Style Updates

22 February 2023/

The upgrade to mXrap version 5.16 introduced a variety of changes and improvements to marker styles. The changes can be…

Some mXmas fun

20 December 2022/

With the holidays approaching we thought we would send everyone some mXmas presents! And obviously what everyone wants for mXmas…

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Caving Suite updates

2 November 2022

The Caving Suite is a set of applications that provide tools for the analysis and interpretation of cave monitoring data sources. Currently, four apps are included in the Caving Suite: Caving Sandbox, Fragmentation, Open Hole Dipping, and Caving Hydraulic Radius (see app overview and Geotechnical Engineering with mXrap seminar¬†for more details) Over the past year, … Caving Suite updates Read More »

Rock Mass Data Analyser updates

30 September 2022

The Rock Mass Data Analyser (RMDA) application allows a user to import various types of geotechnical data (rock mass quality, structural, stress and intact rock strength) into mXrap, creating a geotechnical database which may be visualised and analysed in 3D, on charts and in stereonets (see previous blog post for more details). Since the release … Rock Mass Data Analyser updates Read More »

Reset variables and filters

20 July 2022

Have you ever been using mXrap and wanted to reset your filters or reset all your variables to the defaults? We have a button for that! Simply open up the workspaces menu in the top left of the Viewer window, then press the ‘Reset Variables to Defaults’. This should reset all variables, resetting all filters … Reset variables and filters Read More »