mXrap Training Videos

Please note that these Training Videos are created with the purpose of introducing users to new and frequently changing mXrap apps. These videos should therefore not be seen as official mXrap Training.
The videos are informal in nature and subject to change.
Please feel free to contact us if you would like to access any of these videos.


Introduction to the Tutorial Videos here

Cave Estimation App

The Cave estimation app aims to estimate the current cave front location and shape. 
The shape is estimated from the ammount of rocks drawn from the cave drawpoints.


Cave Estimation Tutorial link here

Convergence Monitoring App

The main focus of the app is to create a 3D (effectively 2D) plot of convergence pin readings.
Surface contours are interpolated values from the pin reading location.


Convergence Tutorial link here

Extensometer App

The aim of this app is to provide the basic tools for visualising extensometer results in 3D, charts, and tables.
This app attempts to minimise the manual formatting and complying of data.
This app also begins to visually integrate seismic and blasting data with extensometer readings.


Extensometer General Tutorial here

Extensometer Data Import Tutorial here

Fragmentation App

The Fragmentation App allows import and analysis of fragmentation data.
The Cumulative % Passing charts for different readings can be viewed.
Drawpoints and drawbells can also be viewed in 3D.


Fragmentation Tutorial link here

Hydraulic Radius App

The Hydraulic Radius (HR) app outlines HR over time in 3D space.
It also provides cumulative source parameters vs HR.
Events over a user defined threshold magnitude can be displayed on these charts.
The HR outline can also be exported in PNT or STR format.


Hydraulic Radius Tutorial 1 here

Hydraulic Radius Tutorial 2 here

Prism Monitoring App

The aim of this app is to provide the basic tools for visualising prism deformation in 3D, charts, and tables.
Additionally, there is a focus on providing tools to help limit the impact of erroneous data and systematic biases on deformation analysis.
This app also begins to integrate seismic and blasting data.


Prism App Overview here

Prism App Import and Quality Tutorial here

Prism App Velocity and Deformation here

Stress Cell App

Stress Cell Tutorial here

Seismic Influence Zone App

Seismic Influence Zone Tutorial here