Training Programme


Welcome to the mXrap training guide! This programme should help you go from an mXrap zero to an mXrap hero. You can start from scratch with the introductory material, gradually move through all the apps and then finally get to the advanced material where you can build your own apps and expand your skills to perform any analysis you can think of!

Each training level has a series of training videos and a list of exercises to go through. There are also some links to papers and blog posts at relevant points along the way. If you’ve already been using mXrap for a while, you might want to skip the first one or two levels although it might be useful to quickly scan the exercises in each level to make sure you don’t have any gaps. If you would prefer to browse the videos by category, go to the main training videos page. 

We would like to hear any feedback you have on the layout of this training material, if you think it should be rearranged or if there are things missing. We would also like to hear how far you get through the material. So if you need help, have some feedback for us, or just want to brag about what level you have gotten to, please send us an email at



Level 1 – Introduction

This is the starting point for new users that introduction the general analysis application. Content includes: adjusting the window, controlling the 3D view, surveys and clipping and basic event filtering.

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Level 2 – Basic User

Basic users should be familiar with most aspects of the General Analysis application and the Basis Seismic Monitoring window. Training content at this level includes: volume specific analysis (VSA’s), selections, legends, workspaces, picking, distance to surveys, ruler tool, exporting and survey setup.

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Level 3 – Normal User

Normal users should be familiar with General Analysis and the most commonly used apps. Training content for this level includes: event tags and comments, distance charts, configuring grids, clipping and filter volumes, plane fitting app, blasting and seismicity, hazard assessment, grid-based analysis, event quality app and intro to mXsync.

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Level 4 – Experienced User

Experienced users know how to use all the apps applicable to their site and how to configure site specific settings. Content includes: basic seismic monitoring setup, advanced setup, seismic-production balance, Rockburst Damage Potential (RDP) app, large event app and seismic system design. Caving and instrumentation apps are also at this level but only applicable to some sites.

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Level 5 – Advanced User

Advanced user are able to start making small changes to the inner workings of mXrap that underlie the main applications. This training content includes an introduction to the root folder and the settings and analysis windows, how to add a new range filter to the main events filter, how to add a new event marker style and how to import data and plot 3D views and charts and add them to General Analysis.

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Level 6 – App Builder

The final training level is for app builders. This training material includes two example apps to make from start to finish.

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