Source mechanics plotter (tutorial)

Status: Beta

Principal Authors: Lindsay Linzer

Contributing Authors: Chun Wei Ho, Johan Wesseloo

Linzer, LM, Ho, CW and Wesseloo, J (2017) mXrap software app, Tutorial Moment Tensor Plotter version 1. Perth, Western Australia: The Australian Centre for Geomechanics, The University of Western Australia. https://www.mXrap.com

This app was first developed by Dr Lindsay Linzer as a tutoring tool for her students. Her code was translated into an mXrap app by Chun Wei Ho. The user can specify fault plane solutions in terms of strike, dip and rake angles. The resultant moment tensor for a double couple mechanism and the 2D beachball plot is displayed. Alternatively the user can specify the Moment Tensor matrix to plot the 2D beachball and calculate the strike, dip and rake of the fault plane solutions.