Damage Mapping

Principal Authors: Daniel Cumming-Potvin, Chun Wei Ho, Matthew Heinsen Egan, Paul Harris

Citation: Cumming-Potvin, D., Ho, C.W., Heinsen Egan, M., Harris, P., (2019) mXrap software app, Damage Mapping version 1. Perth, Western Australia: The Australian Centre for Geomechanics, The University of Western Australia. mXrap.com

Development Support: Initially developed under the Ground Support Systems Optimisation, Phase 2

The damage mapping app is designed to allow users to damage map their underground excavations using a tablet device while offline. The browser-based app gives users simple, consistent, easy-to-use inputs to collect damage data, along with data associated with damage (installed ground support, ground conditions, etc). The data is then imported to mXrap for further visualisation and analysis.