mXrap Apps

What is the difference between mXrap and mXrap Apps?

This is best answered by way of analogy with Microsoft Excel.  The software MS-Excel has a lot of built-in capabilities with endless possibilities for creating specific calculations.  The software Excel has powerful capabilities, but without a user constructing the spreadsheet, the power and value is not fully utilised. An Excel user can set up a spreadsheet which, with the required inputs, will provide you with results.  This user can then provide you with that spreadsheet which you can use to perform the same calculations with other inputs.

By way of analogy, mXrap is like the software Excel that provides the basic tools and the mXrap Apps are like the spreadsheets that can be used to perform specific tasks.  Anybody with enough understanding of the software can build his own app which can be shared with others.

ACG Apps

The ACG developed several mXrap Apps which you can have a look at on the ACG Certified Apps page.
Several more apps are being developed and are currently in “beta” stage.
The ACG also has an App Incubator with several “incubator-apps” which, over time, will mature into “ACG beta Apps” and when it graduates will become an ACG Certified App.

For more information on the different apps visit the following pages
ACG Certified Apps
ACG Beta Apps
ACG Incubator Apps