MS-RAP Literature

MS-RAP is the predecessor to mXrap.
This page provides a list of some of the literature that we are aware of that utilises MS-RAP or makes reference to it.

Conference Papers

HEAL, D, HUDYMA, MR & VEZINA, F (2005), ‘Seismic hazard at Agnico-Eagle’s Laronde mine using MS-RAP’, CIM Maintenance Engineering and Mine Operators Conference.

HEAL, D, POTVIN, Y & HUDYMA, MR (2006), ‘Evaluating rockburst damage potential in underground mining’, ARMA/USRMS 06 Conference.

HUDYMA, MR, HEAL, D & MIKULA, PA (2003), ‘Seismic monitoring in mines – old technology, new applications’, 1st Australasian Ground Control in Mining Conference.

HUDYMA, MR, POTVIN, Y & HEAL, D (2006), ‘The Mine Seismicity Risk Analysis Program (MS-RAP) – Transforming microseismic data into rock engineering knowledge’, 3rd International Seminar on Deep and High Stress Mining.

VEZINA, F, HEAL, D & HUDYMA, MR (2005), ‘Le système micro-séismique, un outil de prévention et d’aide à la conception’, 20th Colloque de contrôle de terrain de l’AMQ.

WESSELOO, J & SWEBY, GJ (2008), ‘Microseismic monitoring of hard rock mine slopes.’, 1st Southern Hemisphere International Rock Mechanics Symposium: SHIRMS 2008.

Journal Papers

HUDYMA, MR, FRENETTE, P & LESLIE, I (2010), ‘Monitoring open stope caving at Goldex Mine’, Transactions of the Institution of Mining and Metallurgy: Section A, Mining Technology, vol. 119, no. 3, pp. 142-150.

HUDYMA, MR & POTVIN, Y (2010), ‘An engineering approach to seismic risk management in hardrock mines’, Rock mechanics and rock engineering, vol. 43, no. 6, pp. 891-906.

MIKULA, PA (2013), ‘Progress with empirical performance charting for confident selection of ground support in seismic conditions’, Mining Technology, vol. 121, no. 4, pp. 192-203.

POTVIN, Y (2009), ‘Strategies and tactics to control seismic risks in mines’, Journal of the South African Institute of Mining & Metallurgy vol. 109, no. 3, p. 177.


ABOLFAZLZADEH, Y (2013), Application of Seismic Monitoring in Caving Mines – Case Study of Telfer Gold Mine., M.Eng. thesis, Laurentian University.

HEAL, D (2010), Observations and analysis of incidences of rockburst damage in underground mines, PhD thesis, The University of Western Australia.

HUDYMA, MR (2009), Analysis and interpretation of clusters of seismic events in mines, PhD thesis, The University of Western Australia.

PENNEY, AR (2011), Development of re-entry guidelines and exclusion zones at the Tasmania Gold Mine, M.Eng. thesis, Curtin University of Technology.

WOLDEMEDHIN, BY & HANNINGTON, M (2011), Investigation of Rock-fall and Support Damage Induced by Seismic Motion at Kiirunavaara Mine, M.Eng. thesis, Luleå University of Technology.

YOUNG, DP (2012), Energy Variations in Mining-Induced Seismic Events Using Apparent Stress, MSc thesis, Laurentian University.

Other Literature

MIKULA, PA, HEAL, D & HUDYMA, MR (2008), Generic Seismic Risk Management Plan – an industry guideline for the management of mine seismicity and rockbursts in mechanised, metalliferous underground mines, Australian Centre for Geomechanics, Perth, Western Australia.