First, please note that you can only apply the update once, the next time you try, it will fail.
Please also let your swing-shift mates know that you’ve done the update, and they don’t need to do anything else.

To apply the update:

  • Plug in the security key.
  • Download the file from here (match the number to your dongle).
  • Save the update file(s) to the desktop (there may be more than one).
  • Double-click the update file(s) in order – it will ask if you want to apply the update.
  • Click Yes, it should say it was applied successfully, if not, please email with your dongle number and a screenshot of the error message.
  • Delete the update file – it is now “spent”.
  • Please email us your key number to report that the update was successful – we will be keeping track.


If it does not apply, it may be because it has already been applied.  Try running mXrap now – if there are no warnings then its likely it has been applied correctly.

If you suspect there is still a problem, email through a “context file”.  The procedure is:

  • Right click on desktop, click New, click “WIBU Control File”.
  • For a Silver Codemeter, choose the top “CmDongle” line.
    For a Green Wibu, choose the third “WibuBox” line.
  • Click “Create” and “OK” to following questions.
  • Email back the file that is created on the desktop.