Level 5 Training – Advanced User


Welcome to Level 5 of the mXrap software training programme. You are now an experienced user so the next step is to start learning the inner workings of mXrap. Have a look at the two blog posts below, they are important topics for experienced users to know.

Blog Post – Events Import

Blog Post – Software vs. Root


The first three videos introduce the root folder and discuss the Settings and Analysis windows where new tools are created and configured.


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Intro to Root Folder
Video Thumbnail
Intro to Settings Window
Video Thumbnail
Intro to Analysis Window






This next series show you how to create your own Apparent Stress range filter for Events and add it to General Analysis


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Create New Variables
Video Thumbnail
New Range Filter (RF)
Video Thumbnail
Add New Events RF
Video Thumbnail
Add Variables to General Analysis










Create your own Event marker style for Corner Frequency


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New Marker Style
Video Thumbnail
Add New Event Marker Style






Import data into mXrap and plot in a new 3D View and Chart.


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Import Data
Video Thumbnail
Create New 3D View
Video Thumbnail
Create New Chart






How to add your own tools to the General Analysis application.


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Add Tools to General Analysis







  1. Create a new range filter for the events base filter, use a source parameter that doesn’t already have a filter
    1. Use new variables for the min and max range parameters
    2. Add the new variables to General Analysis
  2. Make a new event marker style for a source parameter that doesn’t already have one
    1. Add the new marker style to General Analysis
  3. Export some stress data as a csv from Map3D (or use some other data)
    1. Import the data into mXrap
    2. Make a new 3D view to display the locations
    3. Make new marker styles for the 3D points, based on stress
    4. Make a new chart to plot the data, e.g. sig1 vs. sig3
    5. Add your new tools to the General Analysis window




If you are familiar with the content above and completed the exercises, congratulations! You have completed the Level 5 user training in mXrap and are an advanced user. The next training level will let you start to build your own apps from scratch.

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