Level 1 Training – Introduction


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Welcome to the start of the mXrap software training programme. The first video is an introduction to mXrap, support and the aim of the videos and training.



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Opening mXrap


Now let’s go through how to open mXrap and use the apps window. This video discusses setting your root folder, user roles and opening an application.



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Plotting a plan view


So now we can start learning General Analysis by plotting a level plan along with your seismicity. This will introduce many aspects of the 3D view such as grid lines, surveys, series and clipping.




As you just saw, there are a few different keyboard and mouse controls required in mXrap. Below is a quick reference guide for all the main controls. Feel free to print out the PDF version and keep it for future reference.



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Set Home location


The Home button in 3D views lets you quickly move to a default location. Learn how to use the Home button and how to change the default location.



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3D View


An introduction on how to control the 3D view, the various keyboard hotkeys, mouse navigation and plotting surveys.



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Clipping volumes


How to use the clipping volumes, show a plan view, clip to multiple volumes and dynamic clipping controls.



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Event filtering


Start to learn the event filtering controls and the difference between LHS and RHS controls. Event filtering in this video includes the date backrange and local magnitude range.



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Table views


An introduction to table views. How to edit a table, select rows, show all rows or just filtered rows or selected rows and sort by different columns.



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Event details


This video shows you how to split the window to show the 3D view and table view together.



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Charts - timeslicing


Learn the timeslicing controls to plot and view the event Magnitude-Time chart for different date ranges.



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FM chart


How to open the Frequency-Magnitude chart and plot for a specific volume using the event location range filters.





  1. Open the “General Analysis” application
  2. ”Zoom to extent” to see events
  3. Turn on development surveys
  4. ”Focus” on the deeper mine working
  5. Plot the plan view for a level in the lower mine (clip events and surveys)
  6. Undo clipping and filter out events below 0 ML
  7. Undo ML filter and open the FM chart
  8. Split the window with 3D on the left and the FM chart on the right
  9. Use time slicing to step through time plotting the FM chart for 1 months events for the last 6 months
  10. Find the largest event in the events table (whole database)
    1. What is the magnitude?
    2. What is the S:P ratio?
  11. When did the last event greater than 0 ML occur?



If you are familiar with the content above and completed the exercises, congratulations! You have completed the introduction to mXrap. The next training level will expand into many more aspects of the General Analysis application and get started with the Basic Seismic Monitoring window.

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