If you are interested in learning a bit more about the structure of mXrap that underlies the main application windows, we have uploaded a series of videos that are a great place to start.

1. The first three videos introduce the root folder and discuss the Settings and Analysis windows where new tools are created and configured.

1.1. Introduction to the Root Folder

1.2. Introduction to the Settings Window

1.3. Introduction to the Analysis Window

2. This next series show you how to create your own Apparent Stress range filter for Events and add it to General Analysis

2.1. Create New Variables

2.2. Create New Range Filter

2.3. Add New Events Range Filter

2.4. Add Variables to General Analysis

3. Create your own Event marker style for Corner Frequency

3.1. Create New Marker Style

3.2. Add New Event Marker Style

4. Import data into mXrap and plot in a new 3D View and Chart

4.1. Import Data

4.2. Create New 3D View

4.3. Create New Chart

5. How to add your own tools to the General Analysis application


For those feeling extra adventurous, we have also uploaded some app building tutorials.


Feel free to contact support@mxrap.com for assistance.