About mXrap

What is mXrap?

mXrap is a software platform that provides geotechnical engineers with many data analysis, monitoring and investigation tools. mXrap users can develop their own apps using the in-built tools.

The ACG’s mXrap team has also developed a number of apps which focus on allowing users to make high-quality geotechnical decisions as quickly and easily as possible. These apps cover the following areas:

  • Mining induced seismicity
  • Damage mapping
  • Cave draw and propagation
  • Instrumentation
  • Rock mass properties
  • Integration with numerical modelling

Development of mXrap is supported by a collective of mining companies who sponsor the mXrap development project, called the  mXrap Consortium

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mXrap, and its predecessor, MSRAP, were developed under the ACG’s Mine Seismicity and Rockburst Risk Management project. As part of this project the software served the purpose of a technology transfer tool to bring the project outcomes to the sponsor sites. The software design and capabilities, however, created the opportunity to extend its use outside the field of mining induced seismicity from which it originated. Since 2015, the development of mXrap is separate from the ACG’s research project and further development is sponsored by the mXrap Consortium

Software licences

Software licences are only available to mXrap Consortium members. Membership fees are directly related to the number of licences required by the consortium member. For more information please contact info@mxrap.com