Plane based analysis

The Grid Based Analysis now has a plane based function. The user can select a plane (defined in the plane editor window) and display cumulative or average parameters on that plane. Like the grid, the average and cumulative parameters are calculated differently. For the average parameters, the plane points are treated identically to the grid – the events around each point are found and the average parameter is calculated (the plane is essentially a 2D grid). The cumulative parameters are calculated on a ‘splatter’ basis; where events within a certain distance of the plane are projected onto the plane and their impact is distributed among the plane points within their source radius.

Plane based analysis can be used to try to evaluate the change in seismic parameters along a fault plane, or simply to view changes in parameters easily as a slice. The plane can be dynamically overridden, allowing the user to ‘sweep’ through their mine.

Several transparency options are available, including transparency based on a single value, based on the value of the parameter of interest or based on the number of events in the area (analysis quality).